Monday Oct 10, 2011

42 - there are no questions only answers ... ?

There are no answers, only questions
And we're all strangers to the truth
But in my mind's eye
I have found the reason why
And I carry the burden of the proof.
No Answers Only Questions/Alan Parsons Project

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Server on the road...

Have moved my servers from Frankfurt to Münster the last two days. All seems well so far, E-Mail is coming in and the blog is online again.

Thanks to the nice people from st-oneline the move has been smooth experience.

Thursday May 12, 2011

'' Blog on IPv6

The '' Blog is now available on IPv6. The AAAA record for '' will arrive shortly. I'm currently using a HE IPv6 tunnel, native IPv6 will be here after the summer.