Monday May 11, 2009

Once upon a time at -- Hobbytronic

Yesterday, I was looking for a 3 ½" floppy disk for an Atari ST. I found one disk without label, and before formatting it, I tool a look what's stored on it. To my surprise, I found some of the first digitized pictures (from me) made on Hobbytronic 1992 (a computer fair in Dortmund) where ABBUC had a booth opposite a company doing scanner and digitizer cameras. So below we have the ABBUC Hobbytronic booth crew of 1992:

Wolfgang Burger

Burghard Wagner

Joachim Siegmund

Johannes Barth

Joost Küp

Stephan Düsterhöft (BenjiSoft)

Jürgen Schildmann (BenjiSoft)

Karsten Schmidt (CSS)

Rolf A. Specht (Analog Research)

Theo Schwacke

Carsten Strotmann

Wolfgang Burger (again)


Nice to see this pics of the past. I can imagine your surprise. :-)

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