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Friday Dec 23, 2011

BIND installer packages for MacOS X 10.4/10.5 PowerPC (ppc)

Apple does not provide update to older MacOS X versions (such as 10.4 "Tiger") anymore. However these machines are still good to run a caching or an authoritative DNS Server.

MacOS X comes with ISC BIND pre-installed, but without security updates, running an old version of BIND on MacOS X is a risk.

To find out the current version of BIND installed on a machine, open the Terminal.app and enter "named -v":

$ named -v
BIND 9.4.2-P2

Men & Mice is offering installation packages for MacOS X 10.4 containing the latest BIND versions. The installer packages can be downloaded for free from http://support.menandmice.com/download/bind/macosx/10.4-Tiger/.

If you are running a BIND DNS Server on MacOS X, please check the version you're running and upgrade if the version if outdated. The BIND security matrix lists all known security issues with BIND versions.


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