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Friday Aug 21, 2009

Slax Live Linux modules with BIND, Unbound and DNS Tools for DNSSEC Training

Getting a classroom full of computer ready for a DNSSEC training can be a challenge. Installing a DNSSEC capable DNS server, resolver and troubleshooting tools on each student computer can take some time. DNSSEC tools are not common in today's operating-systems.

At Men & Mice we use add-on modules for the SLAX Live Linux System (http://slax.org). The SLAX System can be started on almost any PC-like computer machine with 256MB RAM or more from a USB-Stick, CD-ROM or by PXE Network boot. Especially the PXE-Networkboot is a convenient way to boot SLAX from the trainers PC to all the machines in a classroom. The trainer can prepare training packages that will automatically appear after reboot on the students machines.

The current version of the SLAX DNSSEC Training modules contains BIND 9.6.1-P1 (package 010-bind.lzm) and Unbound 1.33, libDNS 1.6.1, Drill, DNSTOP, DOC and dnstracer (package 011-dnstools.lzm) ready to use.
The single packages can be downloaded from the Men & Mice Support Download Server.

The full SLAX 6.1.2 system including the DNS-Tools and BIND packages can be found at http://support.menandmice.com/download/training/usb/slax-dns-training-stick.tgz (217 MB).

To install SLAX from a Linux Machine, uncompress the tar-ball to an FAT formatted USB Drive and call the "boot/bootinst.sh" script. Installation from a Windows System is similar, just used the "boot/bootinst.bat" batch file.

While being created for DNSSEC and DNS Trainings, the SLAX system with the DNS Modules makes a quick-to-use troubleshooting system for both plain old DNS and DNSSEC that can be carried around.


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