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Monday Feb 20, 2012

Unbound & DNSSEC-Trigger Workshop at Augsburger Linutage

Workshop: secure DNS using Unbound and DNSSEC-Trigger

I will give a free workshop at the Augsburger Linux Infotage on Saturday, 24th March 2012 (http://www.luga.de/Aktionen/LIT-2012/Programm), on installing and using Unbound together with the new DNSSEC-Trigger tool.

Goal of this workshop is to learn about the security issues with plain DNS, how DNSSEC can help and how to deploy Unbound as a local DNSSEC validating DNS resolver to secure the personal mobile computer (laptop, netbook ...).

Please bring your own machine (WiFi required) to the workshop room "D", 11:00-13:00, pre-installed with either a flavor of Linux, MacOS X or Windows (Vista or newer, don't pretend to secure a XP machine). We will install Unbound and DNSSEC trigger during the workshop and learn some troubleshooting tricks on the way.


I missed this workshop, can you please mail me the proceedings or send me the url with the same.


Posted by Wesley Murisa on April 04, 2012 at 05:39 PM CEST #

Hello Wesley,

the PDF slides are available from

Posted by Carsten on June 16, 2012 at 06:12 PM CEST #

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