09 Nov 2008

Learning Clojure

Clojure had been overtaken Scala as the next programming language to learn (for me, at least, on the list of languages to learn which is almost as long as the list of places to visit). Both, Scala and Clojure, are languages for the JVM, or Java Virtual machine, and fit well in most work that I'm doing.

Learning Groovy last year and using it with Grails this year was great fun.

The cause is that Pragmatic Programmers have just release a beta book about Clojure, while there Scala book will arrive later this year.

While learning Clojure, my plan is also to give Emacs another try as my IDE of choice. So far, my flirt with Emacs always did not last very long, for various reasons.

But because Clojure and Emacs seems to be a nice fit, I will give Emacs another try.

Below some links (mainly for myself to remember):

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